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BFM Her Vantage – By Freda Liu – Jul. 28, 2021

Tribal jewellery makes it to the city
Tiffany Teoh started her brand with handmade silver jewellery for both female and male, where she drew inspiration from tribal communities across South East Asia. Ranging from hill tribe to street style, she joins us today alongside Herve Charles to talk about their journey thus far and ahead. [More]

First Classe – By Joanna Lee – Nov. 13, 2020

#SupportLocal: Hill to Street – tribal jewellery made modern
Tiffany Teoh, the Founder of Hill to Street shares her passion in silver handmade tribal jewellery, and what went into her latest collection in partnership with Anuja Ananthan. [More]

Prestige Malaysia – By Kiran Pillay – Nov 13, 2020

Hill to Street X Anuja presents jewellery catered to your inner goddess
Artisanal jewellery makers Hill to Street (HTS) collaborate with Malaysian personality, model, and yoga teacher, Anuja Ananthan [More]

Buro 24/7 – Oct 26, 2020

Hill to Street is the latest homegrown jewellery brand to know.
Malaysian artisanal jewellery brand Hill to Street has announced a new festive collection as part of its collaboration with local personality and model Anuja Ananthan. [More]

Lifestyle Asia – May 27, 2020

For the uninitiated, Hill to Street is a Malaysia jewellery boutique that specialises in handmade silver jewellery. The brand recently launched a new collection: Hill to Street by Hui that aims to elevate one’s outfit with these statement silver jewellery pieces. [More]

Edition KLFW – March 10, 2020

HILL to STREET, Men’s Silver Collection - Hill to Street, a Malaysian jewellery brand that elevates the raw beauty of handmade silver jewellery recently launched a collection for men. Made from either fine silver or 925 sterling silver, the collection includes rings, necklaces and bracelets. [More]


Sin Chew – March 3, 2020 @ 7:00am

大马设计师/Hill to Street银器 手作的温度。 一言惊醒梦中人的情况下,Tiffany Teoh便决定择己所爱,开始设计首饰,开拓了不一样的人生路 [More]

New Straits Time
By Meera Murugesan – February 26, 2020 @ 10:00am

Hill to Street’s tribal jewellery - Bold and beautiful ethnic jewellery is making the transition to street style. [More]

Remaja By Meera Murugesan – February 26, 2020 @ 10:00am

Berusaha membantu setiap wanita kelihatan lebih yakin dan menonjol dalam mengenakan aksesori, jenama ”Hill to Street menawarkan variasi aksesori istimewa dengan hasil kerja tangan yang sangat halus dan berkualiti. [More]

Hijab & Heels
By Shaidah Shafie – February 8th, 2020

Perhiasan perak inspirasi puak pergunungan serlah karakter pemakai! - Tidak semua wanita menyukai perhiasan daripada perak, namun bagi individu yang gemar akan logam berkilat seakan-akan warna putih itu, item berkenaan sememangnya menjadi pelengkap gaya yang cukup versatil bagi mereka. [More]

The Malaysian Reserve
By AZALEA AZUAR/ pic by RAZAK GHAZALI – Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Tribal art pieces with a modern twist - Whether you are wearing the pendants to repel evil ghosts from the runways or just simply because you admire the design, Hill to Street jewellery is definitely a must-have for tribal jewellery lovers. [More]


The Sun Daily
By LEENA ZUKI / 12 FEB 2020 / 11:05 H.

Hill tribes to streetwear - WANT to stand out from the crowd? There is a way you can do that! Hill to Street is a local jewellery brand that offers handmade pure silver and 925 sterling silver jewellery. [More]
By PAMPER Editorial Team – Dec 3, 2019

#PamperMyHoliday2019: Unique Handmade Jewellery By Hill to Street Helps Your Individuality Shine This Christmas. [More]