Product Information

Hill to Street’s jewelry is all handmade with either sterling silver 925, fine tribal silver or brass.

What is sterling silver?
Sterling silver is mainly an alloy of silver, consisting over 90% of pure silver, mixed with other metals to add strength and durability to your jewelry so you can wear them daily.

What is tribal silver?
Our collection of tribal silver jewelry are ethically sourced from a diverse selection of tribal cultures within the South East Asia, all hand crafted and are often made with a high silver content, with some higher than 95% silver.

What is brass?
Brass is popularly used for jewelry designs partly due to its warm gold tones which give the impression of sophistication with an affordable price tag. We have added a collection of handcrafted modern brass jewelry designs as an alternative to our silver collection.

Care instruction
Silver and brass are natural oxidizing metals which react to oxygen and tarnish with time. Fortunately, silver or brass care is as easy as a quick rubdown. If you do not have a polishing cloth, you may use talcum powder and a soft polishing cotton cloth to gently rub your jewelry until it becomes shiny again. And if you are not wearing them, make sure they are stored in air-tight bags or containers.