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Embrace your inner Goddess – A Deepavali & Christmas collection

Embrace your inner Goddess – A Deepavali & Christmas collection

Silver. Handmade. Tribal. These have always been some of the key facets of Hill to Street’s pieces, promising its wearers unique artisan pieces which are street style friendly.

Adding to the collection this Deepavali / Christmas 2020, Hill to Street has collaborated with Malaysian personality, model and yoga teacher – Anuja Ananthan to come up with a pristine collection of pieces paying tribute to the indomitable spirit of the feminine.

We imagined traversing through tribal lands and their art of jewellery. First was the “Land of the Kings”, Rajasthan, the largest state in India – rich in Rajput history endowed with magnificent forts and palaces, known for its prestigious royalty and well known for its tribal jewellery, realm of red sands, golden forts and amber coloured sunsets. Next, the land of the Sahara desert, Morocco- a land of dramatic beauty and ecological diversity; its millennial old Imperial cities, red clay walls, buildings of blue mosaic and bustling medinas of colourful tanneries and craftsmen.

Anuja wearing Maitri drop earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection

Just like the vastness and beauty birthed to form these lands, the name of the collection Embrace your inner Goddess seeks to celebrate the multi-faceted woman; a woman who can be anything she wants to be even if those things are seemingly opposite. Powerful yet soft, strong yet delicate, creative yet strategic, outspoken yet understanding. Each piece tells a story and becomes richer in history with the wearer.

The collection includes eight pieces altogether, ranging from funky hoops, elegant studs and festive drops, a glamour choker necklace and a cuff bracelet that are handcrafted in sterling silver. It is also the first time Hill to Street has incorporated semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia and ralton with sterling silver, giving the collection a vibrant feel in reflecting the festive spirit of Deepavali and Christmas. The collection seeks to pay tribute to ancient times where stones and metal were more than just an adornment ;instead pieces to be cherished from repetition, symmetry and orderly progression in design; as is the order of the cosmic universe.

Model wearing shakti drop earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection

On this collection, founder of Hill to Street, Tiffany Teoh said “We designed these pieces with an essence of tribal, ethnic and vintage feel in mind. While being occasion worthy, Embrace your inner Goddess is jewellery for souls who are looking to grace their casual everyday streetwear or traditional outfits with statement pieces.”

A quote from Anuja about the collection, “I have always loved ethnic jewellery especially those from my native country India, which are not easily sourced. The concept of Hill to Street: Embrace your inner Goddess was born out of a passion of sharing my culture with ethnic silver jewellery. We played with stones to add dimension and colour, keeping in mind how one would feel adorning it. Personally, each piece manifests differently for me energy-wise. For e.g. I feel powerful wearing Neelkanth and the hoop earrings, incorporating my birthstone, the peridot, makes me feel like I have a spring in my step every time I put them on!”

This exclusive collection comes in only limited pieces with each piece skilfully handcrafted by our artisans using sterling silver. Intended to give a vintage look to this collection, the silver parts are oxidized with matte finish.

All in all, Hill to Street X Anuja is a collection of extraordinary pieces that are charming yet timeless and an ode to the feminine. To view the full collection, visit

Imara cuff bracelet from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Bring a bejewelled finish to your ensemble with Imara, which m Bring a bejewelled finish to your ensemble with Imara, which means groundedness in Swahili. Hand-set with multi coloured cubic zirconia all around, this solid sterling silver bangle with matte finish further enhances the artisan feel.
Shakti drop earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Set with a cascading pink shell, this spectacular Shakti earrings emanates feminity and dynamic grace and will surely find beauty with any outfit, giving a grand ensemble.
Virya drop earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Virya in Sanskrit represents willpower and courage. A gorgeous piece that exudes old world fire and magic, and we see it becoming a heirloom-worthy jewelry piece. Handmade from sterling silver with an oxidized matte finish, these earrings have a striking unique shape encrusted with faceted Onyx stone drop down in the centre
Maitri drop earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
These elegant multicolour Maitri drop earrings have been designed for you to add a little confetti to your every day. Featuring 4 colourful glass stones with decorative twisted cable for additional elegance, they are long, stunning and striking, garnering attention and perhaps even help you strike a conversation just like its name which means ‘friendliness’
Anuja hoops from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Handcrafted from sterling silver, these ANUJA hoops adorned with embellishments are inspired by tribal tradition and was named after Anuja’s birthstone, the peridot. We gave them an oxidized finish for an antique look that gets better with time. Surrounded by peridot and turquoise, these stone hoops will add an edge and character to your style.
Neelu statement earrings from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Set a tribal edge to any ensemble with these feminine Neelu semi-precious stone earrings. These Lapis Lazoli earrings feature downward pointed triangles which represent feminine elements such as water and earth. Handcrafted from sterling silver with a matte finish, this piece will definitely turn heads!
Neelkanth choker necklace from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
Matching the Neelu earrings is the Neelkanth choker necklace. Meaning ‘blue throat’, this choker necklace is made by hand and set with Lapis Lazoli and Moonstone. The combination of dark coloured stones highlighting the light ones is what makes this design look powerful and dynamic.
Suri studs from Hill to Street x Anuja collection
The Suri stud earrings design are bold without being too dramatic. When worn, the shape of each piece comes full circle like the sun. They leave you looking polished and refined. The colourful and varied cubic zirconias systemically scattered and set on sterling silver with matte finish is what makes these earrings so unique.
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