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TOP 3 Picks for Father’s day gift by Hill to Street

TOP 3 Picks for Father’s day gift by Hill to Street

Surely Father’s Day will be celebrated rather differently this year given that most of us are still not able to travel and with some countries still under lockdown.

But thanks to the digital world, we are at least able to find ways to celebrate virtually via video calls. And with the availability of online shops, you can even arrange to have a cake, some flowers and chocolates delivered to dad in reminding him that you have not forgotten about him.

Food and flowers are nice gestures, but an actual gift for the special man would be even more memorable! What more if it is a piece of silver jewelry which he can wear daily without having to remove it.

Here are Hill to Street’s top 3 picks for Father’s Day specially for Dads who are staying and working from home! These simple versatile pieces are perfect for daily wear.

1. Woven silver cuff bracelet

Father's day woven silver cuff bracelet by Hill to Street

2. Silver chain link necklace

Father's day silver chain link necklace by Hill to Street

Patterned silver band ring

Father's day patterned silver band ring by Hill to Street
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